Green Acres Orchard & Ecolodge is a 16-acre fruit farm in Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia.

Balik Pulau, the rural and rustic area southwest of Penang island is a reputed durian connoisseur's paradise. Green Acres, organically and sustainably farmed for the last 70 years, is home to 450 matured durian trees with over 35 different durian varieties. Its matured durian trees, between 50-100+ years old, bear fruits which are exquisite in taste, like aged wine.  

Peak season is in May, June and July when guests can sample tropical season fruits like durians, cempedak, mangosteens, rambutan, pulasan, langsat, duku langsat. Non-seasonal fruits available throughout the year are jackfruit, pineapples, starfruit, papayas, bananas, ciku, umbra, calamansi lime just to name a few. Wild herbs grow abundantly in our chemical free farm. Ginger, tumeric, torch ginger, keffir limes, nutmeg and cloves provide fresh spices.