Green Acres is a 16-acre orchard in Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia. It has been kept chemical-free since it was farmed more than 50 years ago. Signature to the farm are its sustainably built ecolodges, fully restored from dilapidated Malay kampong (village) houses. Located 250 metres above sea level, it has its own spring water source and natural stream.

Balik Pulau, the rural and rustic area southwest of Penang island is a reputed durian connoisseur's paradise. Durian, named the King of Fruits, is a green, thorny and strong smelling fruit enjoyed by many. Green Acres is home to 450 matured durian trees with over 32 different durian cultivars to taste from. Older trees, between 80-100 years old, bear fruits which are exquisite in taste, like aged wine. Durians are in season between June to August.

At other times in the year, the farm is open for private orchard tours where the owners share their knowledge and experience in fruit farming, organic composting, building sustainable homes and the heritage of Balik Pulau orchards.

Green Acres offer farm stays - in lodges that are spacious and airy, with full length windows and open balconies overlooking breathtaking views of the hills beyond. A fresh spring water dipping pool complete with darting fish inside is located in one corner of the deck for guests staying at the main lodge.